Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Raw Feed Links to Clubbing Baby Seals!

I'm a blog! I'm a real blog! The Raw Feed (a blog that has, like, readers and taste and all sorts of things this one lacks) actually linked to our humble blog.

So, greets to any Raw Feed readers stopping by to browse.

P.s For any reader keeping track, we are now on to stage two of world domination!

P.s.s Also, apologies to Hack a Day for failing to give the appropriate props to the one post that has ever been linked to outside. Not that they give a shit or anything (Clubbing baby who? Never heard of the tossers...)but it just ain't right. In my defense, I didn't think anyone read this drivel.

P.s.s.s I'm hoping by posting the Disney pic they will issue a nice cease and desist letter for some extra blog publicity and further the aforementioned plans of World Domination!


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