Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shark Attack! Remote Control Shark!

Shark Attack! - I Want One Of Those
Well it's another first, a remote controlled shark! Not just any old propeller driven fish, oh no, this fabulous finned wonder actually swims with it's tail, just like the real thing - but is considerably less likely to eat you. You must watch the movie (click the icon above) to see it in all its absurd glory. You can angle its tail to the left right and centre, and to dive and surface there a mini prop in its head - preferable to a forest of razor sharp teeth any day. It's pretty hard to describe just how excellent this is, whether you're playing with it in the bath, pool, fish tank or pond, there's just something about that dorsal fin calving through the water that gives you the willies. Even though its fin only sticks three centimetres above the surface, Spielberg has basically instilled every warm blooded creature on the planet with chronic galeophobia*, which is a bit unfair on sharks, as they're really pretty harmless. Unless they're very hungry, and you happen to flollop by dressed like a well seasoned seal.

*The fear of sharks.

This is wicked! Those cheeky blokes across the pond bring us a smashing new gadget. Silly little remote shark gave be a bit of the willies. You have got to check out the video (made by someone with way to much time on their hands).


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