Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bulb-To-LED Conversion For Maglite

Bulb-To-LED Conversion For MAG - Gizmodo
Well if you or Johnny Law just can’t wait and demand the battery life and power of LEDs, this is for you. TerraLUX (hmm, perhaps they made the Luxor’s huge beam? That’s where the Gizmodo-ites are staying for CES, BTW. Stop by and ask for VV cause he’ll be taking clients all week!) has released a replacement LED conversion for Maglites that use AA or AAA batteries. The brightness and ability to focus the beam will stay the same and no mods are needed, so put that soldering iron down. A replacement bulb that uses an LED is $20

For those who can't wait until Mag finally releases their LED based flashlights. Now you can pick up a do it yourself kit for $20. Sweet.


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