Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nokia Spy Safetyphone

nokia 3230
Nokia Spy Safetyphone
Fancy pulling off some espionage activities? Though these Nokia phones look like their normal counterparts, you can actually leave them alone on the table and head off. When no phone movement is detected, you will receive an SMS – this is the cue when you can give the spyphone a call and it will answer automatically, transmitting all that’s being said within a radius of 10 metres. The phone will not ring nor blink, so there’s no way someone will know you’re listening in! The Nokia Spy Safetyphone is not cheap at €969.00 upwards

Looks like another Handy Stalker Tool. Now you can eavesdrop on conversations from anywhere in the world with just a phone call. All for the bargain price of $1700.00!! Holy crap! Well, nobody said being a stalker was cheap.


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