Friday, April 07, 2006

515 Gigabits Per Square Inch Data Density

InPhase Technologies Demonstrates 515 Gigabits Per Square Inch Data Density
InPhase Technologies, the world’s leader in holographic data storage, announced today that it has demonstrated the highest data density of any commercial technology by recording 515 gigabits of data per square inch.

Holographic storage is a revolutionary departure from all existing recording methods because it takes advantage of volumetric efficiencies rather than only recording on the surface of the material. InPhase will deliver the industry’s first holographic drive and media later this year. The first generation drive has a capacity of 300 gigabytes on a single disk with a 20 megabyte per second transfer rate. The first product will be followed by a family ranging from 800GB to 1.6 terabyte (TB) capacity.

I just love that holographic storage stuff. I've mentioned it a few times before. For reference magnetic media stores about 300 gigabits an inch. I don't know if that includes the new perpendicular technology or not. Anyway, its holographic so it must be better. Right?


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