Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - Ex-Boy Scout official faces child porn charges - Mar 29, 2005 - Ex-Boy Scout official faces child porn charges - Mar 29, 2005
DALLAS, Texas (CNN) -- A former top official of the Boy Scouts of America faces federal Internet child pornography charges and is expected to plead guilty Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office said.

Douglas S. Smith Jr. faces a single count of receiving and distributing child pornography -- a charge resulting from a federal investigation conducted with German authorities.

Well, how about a little irony this morning. I guess child porn is ok as long as he isn't a homosexual. Here is my favorite part. A little irony icing for the cake. Smith was also the chairman of the BSA's "Youth Protection Task Force". Well, at least you can't say he wasn't qualified to head up the program. So remember folks, support your local scouts and keep them damn homos out of Amer'ca!
P.s. As a side note, Girl Scout cookies are ok (Thank god. Talk about a moral dillema. Don't support the bigots but get none of them snarky mint cookies.). Girl Scouts are a seperate organization and don't support the Boy Scouts discriminatory practices.


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Dude.. You said Snarky


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