Tuesday, April 26, 2005

CENSORED: Wal-Mart attempts to silence parody website

CENSORED: Wal-Mart attempts to silence parody website
For several days in April, this address, www.walmart-foundation.org, hosted a parody of the Wal-Mart Foundation's website. I created a derivative work by changing all of the text and several of the images from the original site. The goal was to make the site look like it could be a real site from a company like Wal-Mart, but have text that was so ridiculous that anyone who read it would realize that it was absurd. If anyone believed it to be a real Wal-Mart site, that is only a testament to the degree of absurdity that exists within corporate America today.
Because the United States still recognizes the right of people to free speech - it hasn't been struck down (yet) as anticompetitive by the WTO - Wal-Mart knew they couldn't go after me for my criticism. So Wal-Mart's high-powered attorneys went after me for copyright violation, threatening the people who were hosting my site with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Way to go Walmart! Instead of logging 12 hits a month this site is going to shoot to a million. Honsetly, don't these idiots understand when you tell people don't look the first thing they do is look? Here is a link to the newly censored site (all the walmart images have been replace by big censored by walmart images). Hope this kid got an A, the site is hilarious.


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