Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The "classical holy grail" or unholy hype?

The "classical holy grail" or unholy hype?
Of course I was excited, but the story rang a few alarm bells. First, as I mentioned above, I'm reading some of these texts in class with papyrologist David Martinez, who specializes in Egyptian papyri and would be one of the first people to know if there were any major breakthroughs coming out. Usually, rumors of any really big news in this fairly obscure field circulates through a very small grapevine before bubbling up into the mainstream media. Surely work as earth-shattering as that described in the news article wouldn't be totally unknown to the rest of the papyrology field, and if my professor did know about it then it certainly would've gotten a mention by now.

More for Ebbie. Since mt expertise in archeology is limited to uncovering petrified fruit snacks left by the rugrats, I shall defer to Ebbie on this one.


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