Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Free (or at least cheap) Ice Packs

I can't remember where I saw this tip but since I still remember it a few days later I thought I should share. As a slightly accident prone person (know anyone else who has been run through with a sword twice?) I collect them flexible gel ice packs like Paris Hilton collects STD's. So here is how to make your packs, not STD's ya freakin'perv.

1 zip-top bag
1 part rubbing alcohol
3 parts water

mix and freeze.

Fun physics fact: Alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water which prevent the ziploc from turning into a block of ice. This also allows you to keep your hard liquor in the freezer for an icy cold drink. I've also heard this is a good solution for making cheap vodka taste better, apparently the theory is the colder vodka the less taste you get. I don't know if I buy that one as I only drink Grey Goose. In my book the only thing that taste worse than cheap vodka is gin. Any gin. Really, the Brits should have stuck with beer.


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