Thursday, June 09, 2005

Seagate floods with drives and an 8GB 1-inch

Seagate floods with drives and an 8GB 1-inch - Engadget -
It's all well and good that Seagate launched a massive lineup of ten new drives of all types today (highlights include yet another 500GB drive intended for DVRs, the DB35 series), but you might want to think twice about that measly 4GB LifeDrive or Nokia N91 now that they've got their new 8GB 1-inch ST1 drives ready to go (they may not be the first with an 8GB 1-incher, they appear to be the first shipping). Also on the platter is the Momentus 5400.3, the first 2.5-inch laptop drive to actually implement perpendicular recording for a juicy capacity of up to 160GB. Ah, what a time to be alive.

I like the 160GB drive for the laptops better, but a 1 inch 8GB would be awfully sweet in my phone.


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