Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wake Up Others With 'Sonic Grenade'

THE RAW FEED: Wake Up Others With 'Sonic Grenade'
Unlike nearly all Raw Feed content, this is neither new nor particularly technology-oriented -- but I couldn't resist. UK gadget web sites are selling a GRENADE ALARM from Paladone called the Sonic Alarm. You use it to wake up other people, such as your lazy kids, hung-over roommate or late-sleeping friend. Just pull the pin, shout "fire in the hole!," lob it into their room, then close the door. The hideous noise -- what the packaging characterizes as "three pitches of skull-shattering sound" -- forces victims to crawl around in search of the offending device so they can shut it off, thereby wrecking their slumber irreversibly.

Hahaaha! And to shut it off, you have to reinsert the pin. I'm gonna get me one of these for my daughter.


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