Monday, March 20, 2006

Toilet Water or Ice?

toilet snorkel
United Press International - Florida kids win science fair top prizes
Jasmine Roberts, 12, won a top prize in Florida's Hillsborough County's regional science fair Wednesday for her project "How Safe Is Fast-Food Restaurants' Ice?"

She compared bacteria found in ice from fast-food restaurants with toilet water from the same restaurants. Her results showed 70 percent of the time, the ice held more bacteria than the toilet water, the Tampa Bay (Fla.) Tribune reported Thursday.

So I saw the byline and thought "Finally, something not totally frickin' wacked happening in Florida. Some nice little Tampa kid won a science fair isn't that great?" Not.

I know. I should know better. Well, she did win the science fair. The bitch. Isn't there some kinda rule that if you tell a bunch of people something they really didn't want to know they get to kill you? Well, there should be. Dammit. Now I'm gonna have to drink warm soda.


At Friday, June 16, 2006 2:50:00 PM, Anonymous marz said...

Au contraire, mon ami.

Thanks to the joy of CO2 under pressure, your soda dispenses at near ice-cold temps. Add a temperature controlled environment (like a thermos) and potentially your soda can stay cold without ice!

Now you just need a soda tap at your house...or bring your thermos to McDonalds - LOL


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