Thursday, April 28, 2005

Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse

• Award-winning Logitech® MX™ Optical Engine
• Image Processing: 5.8 megapixels/second
• “On-the-fly” sensitivity adjustment to 1,600, 800, and 400-dpi resolution
• Resolution: 1600-dpi native, adjustable to 400- and 800-dpi
• 5.8 megapixel/second image processing
• Up to 15 g of acceleration
• Throughput: 16 bit/axis USB data format, and 125/sec USB report rate
• Advanced gaming software, exclusive to Gaming-Grade™ mice, for up to five custom sensitivity settings
• Super-slick gaming feet for effortless, precise tracking
• Contoured grip ensures peak performance and comfort—even in the most intense gaming sessions
• Three-year warranty

Basically the same mouse as the Logitech 510 (Awsome mouse btw)with 2 exceptions. 1. Doesn't come in the pimpin' metallic red color that I have. 2. Has on the fly hardware adjustment for the dpi rate. Being a way l33t sn1p3r d00d (for the non-l33t that means elite sniper dood or "Fucking camper" as many gamers refer to us) , this is a feature I'd like to see take off. Imagine using the insane 1600 dpi to twitch your way past all the rambo's and then dial it down to 400 dpi for max precision once you achieve your uber sniper spot. Brilliant!


At Thursday, April 28, 2005 9:07:00 PM, Blogger Baa! said...

Clight is, indeed, a camper.


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