Friday, April 01, 2005

Special Delivery For Cat Shooter

Special Delivery For Cat Shooter - March 29, 2005
ince shooting a neighbor's cat last month, Kenneth Nailleux has been the object of much scorn from fellow Valparaiso, Indiana residents. Nailleux, 65, told cops that he leveled his .22 at the animal because it kept coming onto his property and attacking birds using a feeder. That explanation didn't wash with neighbors, especially when the cat had to be put to sleep as a result of the gunshot wound. Since then, Nailleux has complained to the Porter County Sheriff's Department that he is being harassed over the shooting, pointing to the recent arrival at his home of a gift box containing, as the below police report notes, a "replica of a pile of excrement." Somebody, cops determined, used the services of, which will anonymously mail a revolting, non-toxic pile of what looks like crap. In fact, the brown stuff (now on sale for $24.95) is actually a manmade concoction of flour, water, salt, and other ingredients that give the product its stench.
The box delivered to Nailleux also included a 12-character password that, when keyed into the web site, delivered the anonymous sender's message: "It's time for you to move out of our neighborhood. No one likes having you live among us and this 'gift' is a reflection of what we think of you. Remember this feeling every time you leave your house and have to drive through the neighborhood. We do not want you here."!? How is it I've never heard of this?!? Well, I know what everyone is getting for thier birthdays this year.


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