Sunday, November 13, 2005

Silly String Tripwire Detector

Tricks of the Trade: Marine
Apparently some clever Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan are using Silly String to detect bomb tripwires in dark rooms: They spray the Silly String into the room, and the brightly-colored string gets draped over even the finest tripwire, making it easy to spot. I am gobsmacked by the brilliance and simplicity of this.

This is almost as brilliant as Guinness Draft. Fine, how about equally brilliant on account of blowed up people don't get to drink Guinness? This is one of those slap your forehead kinda of ideas. The simplicity is staggering.
I'm guessing that being blowed (It is too a word! Fuck you and my spell checker both! So there!) up is an extremely good motivator for thinking outside the box. I wonder if I could apply the same principle at work? Hey Baa, maybe you should try this on your flunkies. "Brad, you've got 15 minutes to get that router back up or the bouncing betty will detonate!"


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