Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blogger, Movie Studio Spar Over E-mail List

Blogger, Movie Studio Spar Over E-mail List - Yahoo! News
blogger who posted e-mail addresses for movie studio agents, producers, and executives has drawn the ire of Universal Studios, while setting off debates about what constitutes spam and whether e-mail addresses are public.

In addition to drawing traffic to, the dispute has gained coverage on a cinema blog site. A dozen responses to the news were split among supporters and critics of Jones' actions. Some saying the movie industry should welcome ideas given the quality of recent films. One respondent said e-mails are like phone numbers. Another said the industry has to protect itself from claims of theft by people whose ideas could be similar to those in upcoming releases.

There ya go Schram-man. A quick and easy way to get scripts read and/or get black-listed for life. I'm sure they actually read the scripts and all. No way they would just delete them. Of course they read them. Honest.


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