Sunday, December 11, 2005

UPDATE: Stapp Addresses Thanksgiving Spat

Stapp Addresses Thanksgiving Spat
"This is a very unfortunate situation; however, there are two sides to every story," Stapp says in his statement, issued last night (Dec. 7), nearly a week after requested comment about the incident. "I was at the hotel celebrating Thanksgiving and my engagement with my new fiancée when the fight started. As the Associated Press reported and confirmed, I did not instigate this altercation."

The AP report to which he is referring quotes the hotel's director of security as saying, "[The fight] was definitely started by 311."

An update to my previous post.
Praise Jesus! I know our savior Scrappy-Doo didn't start the fight. That would be most un-Christian of him.
All right fine. Nobody believes him. But hey, at least I got to post that most excellent picture again.


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