Sunday, November 20, 2005

Remote Controlled Hover Craft!

Hover Craft - I Want One Of Those
Well not only is the Stealth Hovercraft a UK first, it's also exclusive to, and as this catamaran hovercraft knocks the socks off (or possibly skirts off) all the mono hovercrafts out there, we're all rather chuffed. Its broad base makes it a dream to drive (or should that be fly?), as placing the propellers further apart gives you far more left and right control. The 'Lift' fan is controlled by a button on the remote, so you can stop the lift in an instant, and therefore stop the craft with virtually no drift (on land obviously). It has a top speed of a mighty 15kmh, and naturally works on both flat ground and water.

I hate kids today. Little bastards get all these wicked toys. What did I get? A Big Trak. Ok, the Big Trak was pretty cool. But it ain't no freakin' RC hovercraft! Ungrateful wretches.


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