Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Paramount annouces the Aeon Flux cast - MovieWeb

Paramount annouces the Aeon Flux cast - MovieWeb:
"Peter Chung's popular futuristic MTV animated series, 'Aeon Flux,' is coming to the big screen with an exciting supporting cast. Joining Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron ('Monster') will be Marton Csokas, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo, Amelia Warner, Caroline Chikezie and Frances McDormand. 'Aeon Flux' is scheduled for theatrical release in 2005."

Woohoo! Aeon Flux the movie! If you don't know who Aeon Flux is all I can say is...ummm....wow I am soooo much cooler than you. :P

MTV.com - Onair - Mtv2 - Video Mods

MTV.com - Onair - Mtv2 - Video Mods

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too: video games and music videos all in one morphed mix. MTV2's Video Mods transforms music videos by injecting a unique video game environment and featuring characters from one or even a few video games.

Airs every other Saturday beginning September 18 at 9:30
p.m. ET/ 6:30 p.m. PT, only on MTV2.

I'm a geek, what can I say. Saw a preview of this on the MTV Music Awards and thought it looked possibly cool.

Yahoo! News - Town Hosts 'Wack the Iraq' Game

Yahoo! News - Town Hosts 'Wack the Iraq' Game

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New Jersey game called "Wack the Iraq (news - web sites)," where players fire paintballs at people dressed as Arabs, has drawn ire from Arab groups after the city failed to convince the operator to change its name this summer.

The City of Wildwood, a seaside resort in southern New Jersey popular with summer vacationers, said the game would continue to operate until the end of this summer holiday season, but would change its name when it returns next year, according to Fred Wager, commissioner of public affairs and public safety for Wildwood

Wired News: Florida E-Vote Recount Rule in Dispute

Wired News: E-Vote Recount Rule in Dispute

Florida officials will not require any recounts of votes cast on touch-screen voting machines during Tuesday's state primary, despite a ruling by an administrative judge that counties using electronic voting are not exempt from laws requiring the re-tabulation of votes in close elections.
The judge, Susan Kirkland, issued a ruling Friday in response to a lawsuit brought by the
American Civil Liberties Union and other groups. In it, she points out that the Florida legislature decided earlier this year not to amend state law to bar recounts of electronic votes.

Will Florida Voting drama ever end? You be the judge!

ABCNEWS.com : Family Defends 'Hot Saucing' Kids

ABCNEWS.com : Family Defends 'Hot Saucing' Kids

Melanie Butler was once given a drop of hot sauce on her tongue by her mother when she misbehaved as a child, and the memory of it stuck with her. Butler said the threat of hot sauce alone encouraged her to behave after the incident.

I never would have thought of this. Granted, my style of parenting would run more towards stun guns, duct tape, and air soft guns. This is far to.... uhhh subtle, for my tastes.

"Bad Baby! Honey, get the Pete's Death sauce out, time for little Jimmy to feel the burn!"

Anyway, here ya go, frustrated parents! Who said there was no alternative to Time Out?

It's as if all my childhood dreams have come true...

Originally uploaded by Baa!.

It walks! It sort of talks! It can stalk your pets! It can patrol your house and administer mighty Kung Fu attacks! It's RoboSapien!!! The gadget freak in me is literally quivering with desire. This may well be the coolest useless toy I have seen in years! Did I say useless? Any robot that can be programmed to do the Electric Slide is not useless! Really folks, this puts the Roomba to shame!

RNC convention thoughts... Tuesday

I tried. I really did. I watched the Prime Time speeches intending to be open minded and objective. I mean, I like John McCain. I probably would have voted for him over Gore if he had won the 2000 Primary. I generally agree with the moderate, centrist viewpoint. But if the republicans are trying to appeal the "moderate voter" this Convention, they had better try a lot harder.

The "Beat the Viewer over the Head with 9/11 sympathy" theme last night was sickening. 9/11 is one of the largest disasters in US history, and certainly the most tragic event in my adult life. Neither party should try and use the raw emotions we have from 9/11 for political gain. I have to say I was shocked that Rudy Giuliani was willing to be party to this tactic. Rudy is a republican I generally respect, but last night's speech, and it's theme definitely colored my opinion of him. The same with John McCain. If these guys plan to make a run in 2008 using their "moderate" reputation, they had better be aware of the effect these speeches will have on the moderate voting population. I am one of those "Moderate Democrats" that would consider voting for a "Moderate Republican." Thing is, speeches like last night are not going to appeal to me. (Linky for those that did not watch the RNC last night here.)

And so it begins

It appears I can no longer resist. Must Blog! Maybe it's the elections, or general unease with our current national pulse and tempo. Whatever the reason, I feel the need to inflict my thoughts on whatever poor soul happens upon this blog.

So, gentle reader, welcome! Expect useless links to gadgets, poorly written movie reviews, and my own self righteous political views! Tons of fun for the whole family!!