Thursday, December 07, 2006

Genetic Art: DNA Artwork Self Portraits

DNA art sample_04
Self Portraits: Science style | DNA Artistry
DNA-Artistry™ gives new meaning to the term "original art." It's a self-portrait that's as individual - and unique - as you are. DNA-Artistry™ uses the science of your individual DNA sequence to create art in the form of your very own genetic blueprint. One that is beautifully - and colorfully - expressed on canvas or in print.

It all starts with a profile: yours.

So you're thinking of having a portrait made, but you looked in the mirror and realized that finding someone to paint you will be tough. Finding someone to make you look good in a painting, even tougher. So, forget about the mugshot made of canvas and acrylic - just send in a swab of your spit, and Voila! A beautiful image of your DNA from a Gel Electrophoresis. I've done one or two of these in my lifetime...and to be quite honest I would have never considered them art. Then again mine were in black and white. These look like they inverted the gel lanes from black to white and changed the color of the background from white to whatever color you would like. Not that I want to pick it apart, but dammit, why didn't I think of this back in 1996 when I had cell biology lab? There are always unexplored niche markets.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mimobots: Designer Flash Drives

Mimobots: Designer Flash Drives | mimoco
the story from the mimobots of planet blõôh:

we, mimobots, have traveled a long time across multiple parallel systems to reach earth. we come from our beloved planet blõôh located in galaxy 4210 where we have been living harmoniously since the time of no age.

we are peaceful and joyful creatures essentially made of electronic silicon providing us with an extraordinary ability in memory. we love to live excessively and to embrace all pleasures that blõôh, friendship, and our electronic components can offer.

There are many more...but you have to click and see.
They are taking pre-orders for Star-Wars designs, I want Chewie!!

OK, so much for my rhyming couplets. Still, these fun designs are great for collectors of techie cartoony stuff. You can even accessorize them with a keychain hoodie that protects your mimobot from bumps and scratches, which I'm sure will take the paint off the plastic drive chassis.

My favorites? Hateninja (picture above), Ghost, and of course Chewbacca.