Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bacon Air Freshener!

bacon air freshener
Archie McPhee-Bacon Air Freshener
This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to brighten any carnivore's day. Put one up in the family room and everyone will have a sudden craving for a BLT.

This is the most awesomest thing ever! I'm gonna get some of these puppies and turn'em into a necklace. Smellin' bacon 24/7 baby!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Awesome Ad From Gmail

funny gmail
Awesome Ad From Gmail
First, let me state that Gmail (Google's Email solution)is totally awesome. Not just because you get over 2GB of storage or even the super-fast searching. Nope, its the ads. Well, sometimes anyway.

Anywho, Baa is a bit of a gun freak (hence our sister site Shooting Baby Seals.... So to celebrate Cartman's B-day we decided to head out shooting. Above is a screen shot of the inline ad Google slapped on the conversation. This is priceless.

P.s. If anyone needs an invite to Gmail send me an email to the address on the right of the blog.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pronto condoms - the fastest way to get it on

pronto condom
Pronto condoms - the best way to get it on
Let’s face it, using an ordinary condom is a real pain in the butt. First, you have to tear the pack open, often using your teeth. Then you have to take the condom out of the pack – this is a slippery business at the best of times. Next, you have to figure out which is the right side up, before you can unroll it. By the time the condom’s on, the mood is halfway out the window...

Fortunately, those days are over. Introducing PRONTO, the condom for the new millennium. The PRONTO condom can be applied in a few seconds. And it’s a lot more convenient to use, compared to an ordinary condom. You simply crack the pack open and unroll the condom directly onto the penis.

Wow, this is actually really cool. Not that I care mind you. After the Jello shot incident I prudently went and got fixed. For the rest of you still breed-able types, this is one bad mo-fo. You must check out the video!

Intel 4004 Microprocessor Turns 35

intel 4004
Intel 4004 Microprocessor Turns 35 - Yahoo! News
On Monday evening, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View celebrated the 35th anniversary of the 4004, the world's first silicon-based microprocessor, by inviting the Intel team responsible for its development to speak to museum members and the public.

Happy 35th birthday to computers and the Computer Age! That's right folks, computers have only been around for 35 years. Boggles the mind.

USB Missile Launcher at ThinkGeek!

usb rocket launcher
ThinkGeek :: USB Missile Launcher
This launcher can pivot 180 degrees horizontally, and 45 degrees up. Controlled by the included PC software, point the missiles at your foe, and press the big red shiny delicious button on screen. FOOM.

W00t! Finally available in the States! Grab one quick before they are sold out. Not sure if you really want one? Check out the review we did back in January.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DIY Trebuchet

wood trebuchet
Working Wood Trebuchet Diy Kit, 18" X 11" X 13" at X-Treme
Expand your kingdom one cubicle at a time with these working replicas of one of the most infamous and powerful siege engines: the trebuchet. When completed, the mighty trebuchet can shoot a ball of soft clay more than 25 feet!

Nothing says fun like medieval siege weapons. All yours for only $35. Seems like a bargain to me. Make sure to check out the catapult too.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Museum of bad album covers: the worst album covers ever!

Museum of bad album covers: the worst album covers ever!

This is one of those linkies where I truly feel I cannot add to the humor/shock value.

Man O War!

And WTF is wrong with the Germans??!