Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Canadian Inventor Lets Everyone Be an Armchair Spy

Yahoo! News - Canadian Inventor Lets Everyone Be an Armchair Spy
Vincent Tao, an engineer at Toronto's York University said he has invented a mapping and surveillance tool called SAME (see anywhere, map anywhere), that produces images so sharp that geographic co-ordinates typed into a Web site can reveal the make of a car parked on the street. Tao said SAME works by taking satellite images of the Earth and combining them with real-time remote sensors that monitor traffic and weather. The information is reformatted on a searchable Web site that can capture ground-level images of the Earth with little or no time delay. The resolution is 2 feet -- fine enough to determine the make of a car, though not the details of a human face, according to Tao.

Gee, more handy dandy stalker tools.

To Fight, Verizon Switches

Technology Review: To Fight, Verizon Switches
Fighting to stay relevant as telephony, television, and the Internet merge, telecom giant Verizon is installing new switches and fiber that could provide all of tomorrow's media services—whatever they turn out to be.

Well, I thought this article was coming out in Wired.... looks like it was MIT Technology Review.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Gizmodo : VibraExciter

Gizmodo : VibraExciter: "VibraExciter"
This cellphone add-on provides a 30-second jolt of pleasure to the nether regions whenever someone rings or texts. The communication between phone and VibraExciter is done via RF, which means there's always the chance that the ringing of a passer-by's handset will get the "bullet" attachment rumbling in your undies.

Errrrr.... oh my...... a bit on the speechless side ..... gives a whole new meaning to speed dial though....

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Remote Control Airplane With Digital Camera
f you dream of flying, this remote control airplane will be right up your alley. This AM, full-function plane has digital proportional technology. It comes with a digital camera that can be used to take topographical photos and survey the landscape for fun.
Comes with the following accessories: missile, paper glider and paratrooper. Some assembly required. Uses one 8.4V NI-MH battery

How cool is that? Missle, paratrooper ,and a camera! And it is only $99....sweeeeet.

Kameleon Remote Control from I Want One Of Those
Guaranteed to work all brands of TV, DVD, VCR, SAT/CBL, AUDIO, etc. The Kameleon universal remote controls contain the most extensive infra-red code database in the world, offering total compatibility with all brands of audio/video devices in the market today. Not only that, but the 6-in-1 is upgradeable and has a built-in modem for future-proof operation (upgradeable by telephone or internet download), so it can be kept up to date with the codes of every new device that comes into the market.

The remote looks cool and all that isn't what caught my eye. It has a built in modem. I don't know why, but something about that I find really strange.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Checkers 25-Piece Shot Glass Set
Here's a twist on your usual checkers game or drinking game. Simply set up and play like you would checkers. Every time one of your pieces is jumped you have to drink your shot and remove it from the board. Glasses can be filled with your favorite hard or soft beverage. Variations of the game are listed on the vendor box. Shot glasses are dishwasher safe. Set includes one glass checkerboard, twelve 2 1/4-ounce round shot glasses and twelve 2-ounce square shot glasses.

Now that is a drinking game. Make'em think and drink!

ThinkGeek :: 2005 Classic Computers Calendar
Some folks get excited by calendars of hot cars and fast women. Others enjoy calendars filled with pesky little cats toying with yarn. It seems that wherever there is a hobby or a fetish there is a calendar. We suppose it's the capitalist way. Which brings us to the 2005 Classic Computers of the Past calendar. A calendar that takes pride in showcasing the chunky retro lines and profiles of some of the most important computers in the history of humankind.

Wow, is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Now that is way hotter than a swimsuit calendar. What?!? It even has the ultra-hot TI99. Why does everyone look at me like that?

ThinkGeek :: Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius : 28 Build-It Yourself
Create, Design, and Build Your Own:
* Mass Driver
* Pyrotechnic Blaster (used in metal design)
* Magnetic Pulse Can Crusher
* Robotic Control and other Circuits Disabler with Pulse
* Generator
* Object Catapult
* Electromagnetic Launcher
* Laser Beam Cutter
* Body Heat Detector
* Lightning Bolt Generator
* Object Levitation Device
* Infrared Viewer
* Laser Listening System
* Traveling Wave Generator
* Multi Vortex Plasma Tornado
* Working Star Wars-like Light Saber
* Ultrasonic Microphone
* Marx Impulse Generator
* Sonic Phaser Cannon
* Centrifuge Design
* Vortex Smoke Ring Machine
* Electronic Ventriloquism System
* Tesla Coil Creation

Muhahaha! My first step towards WORLD DOMINATION!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

ThinkGeek :: Guns Don't Kill People

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

County To Verizon: Stop Digging

County To Verizon: Stop Digging - from TBO.com
TAMPA - Hillsborough County ordered Verizon to halt work on its multimillion-dollar fiber-optic cable project Tuesday after contractors repeatedly ruptured water lines, leaving neighborhoods without water and opening gaping holes on busy streets.
The order came one day after a 12-inch water main was broken at Lakeview Drive and North Dale Mabry Highway on Monday, sending 12,000 gallons of water per minute gushing into the intersection for seven hours, said county water department spokeswoman Michelle VanDyke.

AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Bastards!!! I'm going to go cry now.....

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Trane Corporation's "Lap Pillow"

Gizmodo : Trane Corporation's "Lap Pillow"
An equally disappointing offering (perhaps moreso) comes from Japan's Trane Corporation (not related to the A/C and heating people) in the form of the "Lap Pillow." You probably understand based on the picture alone, but just in case you can't tell, it is a urethane foam pillow shaped like a woman's legs. It's even equipped with a miniskirt, for some reason. TechJapan has translated an interview with an employee of the Trane Corporation, who insists that the pillow isn't perverted, but has healing powers. Naturally, he can be trusted.

The Japanese are just wacked.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Buffalo TeraStation 1TB Network Storage

Gizmodo : Buffalo TeraStation 1TB Network Storage
I was too lazy this past Friday to write about it, but Buffalo has introduced a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for you storage-obsessive folk. The "TeraStation," features four 250GB hard drives giving a total 1TB (and yes I know 1TB = 1024GB but too bad) of storage. What I like most of all is the price—at around $1000 USD, the TeraStation just might find its way into a few well-heeled consumer's homes.

That's what I'm talking about!

TheStar.com - Lawyer sells Americans on Canada

TheStar.com - Lawyer sells Americans on Canada
VANCOUVER—A Vancouver immigration lawyer is travelling to three U.S. cities to tell Americans who can't face another four years of George Bush how to find the life they hoped for in Canada.
Rudi Kischer said his firm has received about two dozen calls from frustrated Americans, so he's set up seminars in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to brief people on the ins and outs of Canada's immigration system.
Within hours of U.S. President George Bush's re-election, 115,016 Americans surfed Canada's immigration site — six times more than usual.

Hmmm.....pretty sure the Schram-man said something about our Northern friends closing immigration. This doesn't look like closing to me. More like courting. If you see any thing about the closing rumor post it up.....

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Wall Street Self-Defense Manual, Part 1 - What you won't learn from your broker. By Henry Blodget

The Wall Street Self-Defense Manual, Part 1 - What you won't learn from your broker. By Henry Blodget

Here is a link to a set of articles on investing on Slate. If you are planning to invest ANY MONEY, EVER, please take the forty-five minutes to a hour and read the series. It comes down to this simple truth- Companies and People in the investment sector are out to make money from you, not for you. If you are uneducated, you will not make good investment decisions. You will not make the money you deserve. You WILL get taken for every penny the investment sector can shake out of you.

Ok, climbing off the soap box.

RCA Astro TV

Brookstone.com : RCA Astro TV
This 13" color TV looks like it’s from the 50s, but acts brand new. Fully functional with a truly retro design, the RCA Astro brings you back (even if you were born after 1950!). A remarkable reproduction of its well-loved ancestor, the Astro even has the classic swivel to adjust viewing area. Despite its nostalgic feel, it has all the modern functionality you’d expect, including a full-function remote, 13" color CRT screen, standby LED indication, audio video jack, AC operation and an on-screen display. Cable-ready.

Now that is a cool lookin' TV. But $500 for a 13" ?!? The only time I paid that much for 13 inches was in the mens restroom ....errrr....nevermind.

Thursday, November 11, 2004



Gotta love squirrels... No, really... (Wife demanding credit for the phat linkie...) Hi Honey!

Hint- Click "Toons"

Jiggly Butt!

Gmail Users Soon Able to Check E-Mail Via Outlook

Yahoo! News - Gmail Users Soon Able to Check E-Mail Via Outlook
Google said it is adding POP, or post office protocol, access to Gmail for all users over the next couple of weeks. The move will enable Gmail users to download a copy of their messages through other e-mail programs, such as Outlook and Eudora, and devices that support POP.

Very sweet. I may have to switch over totally to the gmail account. Who wants an invite?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy

Yahoo! News - Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy
In an interview with Britain's Financial Times newspaper, Powell said Bush had no intention of pulling back and insisted the newly re-elected president had a mandate to pursue American national interests in international affairs.
"The president is not going to trim his sails or pull back," Powell told the newspaper. "It's a continuation of his principles, his policies, his beliefs."

Well, at least I can say I didn't vote for him. Although, strangely, that is providing very little comfort. Wonder who we get to attack next? I vote for the French. What? They're French! Oh, fine, not good enough? They have weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda. Like you couldn't see that coming. Seriously, I did find the Powell quote kinda interesting. A whole bunch of "his" in there. Wonder if Powell is trying to get the hell out of Dodge?

Scientists Find Arctic Warming Quickly

Yahoo! News - Scientists Find Arctic Warming Quickly
Scientists say changes in the earth's climate from human influences are occurring particularly intensely in the Arctic region, evidenced by widespread melting of glaciers, thinning sea ice and rising permafrost temperatures.
A study released Monday said the annual average amount of sea ice in the Arctic has decreased by about 8 percent in the past 30 years, resulting in the loss of 386,100 square miles of sea ice — an area bigger than Texas and Arizona combined.

Whew, thank goodness we signed the Kyoto Protocols. Ooops, my bad that was the freakin' Russians. Well, at least we have a President that is concerned about the environment. Sigh, all right fine, we are fucked.

Firefox Browser, a Microsoft Rival, Fully Released

Yahoo! News - Firefox Browser, a Microsoft Rival, Fully Released
SEATTLE (Reuters) - The free Firefox Web browser, which has chipped away at the market dominance of Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) Internet Explorer, has been readied for a full release including new features designed to make it more stable, backers of the program said on Tuesday.

Yay! The final version is out for Firefox. Go get it! Just try it dammit! Warning. The site must be getting hammered, it is really slow. This is the link straight to the ftp.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Critical IE Security Problem Reported

Yahoo! News - Critical IE Security Problem Reported
The vulnerability is serious because it requires no user interaction, noted Kristensen. Unlike some threats that necessitate action, such as downloading files, the newest IE hole can be opened without user help.

Stop screwing around with IE and switch to Firefox! I've been running it for a couple months and not only is it more secure but it is a better browser. Just try it dammit! You can keep both installed if you want no problem. Try it dammit!

Two Guilty in 1st Felony Spam Conviction

Yahoo! News - Two Guilty in 1st Felony Spam Conviction
LEESBURG, Va. - A brother and sister who sent junk e-mail to millions of America Online customers were convicted Wednesday in the nation's first felony prosecution of Internet spam distributors.
Jurors recommended that Jeremy Jaynes, 30, be sentenced to nine years in prison and fined Jessica DeGroot, 28, $7,500 after convicting them of three counts each of sending e-mails with fraudulent and untraceable routing information.

Holy bitch-slap Batman! Nine years for sending spam! I've seen people get half that for robbery. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Just a bit stunned. Now if we can just get them to hand out appropriate sentences for other crimes I'll be a happy camper.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dave Matthews Band Blamed For Human Waste

Dave Matthews Band Blamed For Human Waste
According to the lawsuit, on Aug. 8 a bus leased by the Dave Matthews Band was driving toward a downtown hotel where band members were staying for a performance in Wisconsin. As the bus crossed the grated Kinzie Street bridge, the driver allegedly emptied the contents of the bus' septic tank into the river below, the lawsuit alleged.
At that moment, more than 100 people on the Chicago's Little Lady architecture tour passed underneath the bridge and were showered with the human waste.

Sorry, gotta say it....Holy Shit! I wonder how I missed this one? Took place back in August. Props to the Schram man for finding this one.

Scientists Develop World's Longest Electrically Conducting Nanotubes, Nanotubes, University Of California Irvine

Scientists Develop World's Longest Electrically Conducting Nanotubes, Nanotubes, University Of California Irvine - NanoTechWire.com
UC Irvine today announced that scientists at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering have synthesized the world's longest electrically conducting nanotubes. These 0.4 cm nanotubes are 10 times longer than previously created electrically conducting nanotubes. The breakthrough discovery will lead to the development of extremely strong, lightweight materials and ultradense nano-memory arrays for extremely powerful computers, ultralow-loss power transmission lines, and nano-biosensors for use in health care applications.

Lovin' da nanotubes.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Hehehehehee! Sums up my opinion.Vote dammit!